How much do you really know about your Type 1 diabetes?

The Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) course will increase your understanding and improve your ability to control and manage your blood glucose, enabling you to fulfill a more normal lifestyle.

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The DAFNE course will give you the freedom and confidence to:

  • Estimate the carbohydrates in each meal
  • Inject the right dose of insulin
  • Interpret your blood glucose readings
  • Manage hypos, and
  • Use different techniques to deal with different situations e.g. exercise, illness and social occasions

Courses run over five days and are held regularly. You can attend a week-long course or go once a week over a five-week period.

Hear how people with Type 1 felt happier and more confident after attending DAFNE

Type 1 carbohydrate counting

This is a short 2 or 3-hour information session for anyone who has Type 1 diabetes and who is on multiple daily injections.

It will help you improve your knowledge in these areas:

  • How different insulin doses work and when to take them
  • Insulin injection sites and techniques
  • Causes and symptoms of DKA
  • Hypo management, and
  • Carbohydrate counting

The end part of this session is an opportunity to discuss various types of blood monitoring meters which can help to further improve your control.


These are free, nationally recognised courses which are led by NHS diabetes nurses and dietitians to help you self-manage your diabetes and lead a healthier, more independent lifestyle. Enter your postcode to begin below.